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To generate more value for your individual members, all member associations continually seek to deliver information and resources the will benefit your business and the construction trades.

Onerous Contract Clauses

Upon the request of ATCC, Construction Lawyer Dan Leduc will assess contracts submitted by our member contractors and issued by various General Contractors to pinpoint problem clauses that he suggests trade contractors should either eliminate or modify.

Mr. Leduc has supplied alternative wording recommendations to substitute clauses of concern.

Prequalification Platforms

There are many prequalification platforms being used in today’s construction industry. Most have become a normal cost of doing business, however, as this industry evolves, ATCC reviews new platforms and expresses an opinion on the risks of sharing company data.

ATCC Change Order Guide

Initiated by MCA Alberta and adopted by MCAC as a national Change Order Guide, ATCC is encouraging all members to use this important tool to establish, justify and normalize the costs being charged for change orders.