SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Prompt Payment Order in Council

Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act policy design process during the summer months. We would like to inform you of the outcome of that work, which has been approved by the Cabinet and an Order in Council has been signed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.    We now shift our focus to conversations around potentially extending prompt payment legislation to the Government of Alberta projects as well as the evaluation of implementation.

Terry Milot (left), ATCC Chair receives Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal – February 17, 2023

FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Terry Milot, ATCC Chair receives
Queen Elizabeth II
Platinum Jubilee Medal

Terry Milot, Chairman of the Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC) was awarded Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second’ Platinum Jubilee Medal for his exceptional qualities and outstanding service to our Province on prompt payment in the construction industry.

Despite a demanding job as an electrical contractor and Executive Vice President of The Chemco Group, Terry found the time over the last eight years to Chair the ATCC during a very busy time. For the past two years the ATCC executive has been in weekly discussions with the Government of Alberta as they worked towards the implementation of prompt payment legislation.

Throughout this time, Terry has demonstrated leadership, good humor, critical thinking, and collaboration. A negotiator of significant skill, Terry always found a way to listen respectfully to opposing ideas then restate our position, maintaining our critical asks at every turn.

Link to award presentation:

Tim Padfield (left), receives recognition for his significant contribution to ATCC from Terry Milot, ATCC Chair

DECEMBER 1, 2022

ATCC Recognizes Contribution to
Tim Padfield – MCA-AB representative to Alberta Trade Contractors Council

Attending the Legends of the Pipes Dinner, Alberta Trade Contractors Council, Chairman Terry Milot, right, recognized the significant contribution made by MCA Past President, Tim Padfield to the ATCC Prompt Payment Team.