New and Emerging Issues

ATCC is always looking ahead and seeking input on new and emerging issues and trends that impact the trade construction industry.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

There is a growing demand on contractors to provide justification and documentation of how they are reducing their impact on the environment, what they are giving back to their communities, how they are responding to emerging social issues, and what they are doing internally to ensure their corporate structure is inclusive and evolving. ATCC is working to understand how this impacts business an to provide useful solutions that contractors can adapt into their business practices.

What’s the next big issue?

What is on your mind? ATCC continually evaluates issues, seeking to identify those issues, big or small, that are unique and critical to all trade contractors.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Construction has significant impact on all aspects of our lives. As such, construction companies are being asked to provide documentation on what they are doing to reduce the environmental impact or their business practices, improve their contributions to society and how their companies are becoming more adaptable, respectful and inclusive.


Seeking ways to reduce a company’s environmental impact over time will reduce waste, increase efficiency and generally improve the overall sustainability of a corporate entity. Documenting your plan on how this will be achieved, and the steps taken on an annual basis, provides an important measurable for both clients seeking your services and potential employees.


How your company and your employees interact with the world around you is becoming a more important trait. There are 3 basic Social aspects you need to consider.

  • The opportunities you create for your employees.
  • The opportunities your business generates for society beyond your core business.
  • The opportunities you and your employees undertake to improve the lives of their families, co-workers and other special interests.


Your company is considered a living entity. As such, it is important that it grows and evolves over time. Documenting your plan for how your business will evolve to become more adaptable, resilient, respectful and inclusive is a first step to your business being able to demonstrate these traits. Documenting the steps taken on an annual basis shows the commitment you have to improving on your overall business ESG priorities.